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But it’s the dread of more torrents which keep us in a constant state of alert – waiting on a storm for which we can never entirely prepare.

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He was having issues with incoming E-mails from the contact form on his web site.

And while I had nothing to do with his email or the settings that contributed to the problem, I spent a great deal of time and research investigating the issue and coming up with the solution to fix his email settings and resolve the issue. The next day, when this client began to implement this solution I so generously provided, he had some issues. Now this is like the 10th time he’s lost one password or another, and the majority of these accounts I have nothing to do with.

But because he kept losing them, I provided a pdf guide at one point (for free of course) that included ALL his usernames and passwords so he would stop asking me to send one every time he needed access to an account.

I mentioned I was cramming for a meeting and would be out of pocket soon, then sent him his password yet again. I stopped what I was doing, checked the password on my end and it worked fine.

Founder of Dating with Dignity, Marni Battista, thinks it’s just an excuse people with children say because they’re afraid to date.