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However, there’s a distinct difference between a thriving, encouraging singles ministry, and a small group filled with bitter people who gather to rehash past relationships and hurts, and who are openly “on the hunt” for the next relationship. Find someone who has a heart for single people, an encouraging and positive spirit, and an adventurous side!

One is life-giving, and the other is life-smothering. Also empower this person to change the group’s direction and tone if it veers off course, and gently correct or counsel others (privately) if they’re disrupting the vibe of the group with negativity or using it as their own personal dating pool.

Even consider doing a fun Valentine’s Day activity for the singles ministry since that’s likely the that has the potential to drive singles further away from church if all they see are celebrations for married or dating couples.

Make sure to include silly gifts, cards, or chocolate for everyone!

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