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It is an incredible performance, but it’s not hard to see that Pink and her partner are smashing glass, pulling hair and strangling, pushing and kicking each other. Watch it here: We asked a few of our advocates to chime in with what they thought of Pink’s performance.Does it promote violence or does it encourage awareness of unhealthy relationships?

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NEW YORK -- It is hard to forget the haunting photo that leaked out early last year: Pop star Rihanna, her elegant face bruised and battered after a violent assault by her then-boyfriend, R&B singer Chris Brown.

Now, she's appearing in something else shocking, though fictional: Rapper Eminem's chart-topping "Love the Way You Lie," a song and video that graphically detail a physically abusive relationship.

Truthfully, the video make me nervous because we work with people who are hurt, but I also see this as a great opportunity to learn and talk about dating violence and domestic violence.

Anything that brings it out into the public sphere is good — we need to bring the reality of domestic violence out of the dark.

The musical artist Pink has recieved a lot of attention for her Sunday night performance of the song “Try” at the American Music Awards.