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Whether you're married or single, ASUBA thought why don't we as a community organization listen to our community?

We kept hearing how there just isn't a lot of talent out in Phoenix when it comes to dating. How can we as a non-profit organization, who tries to assist our youth and alumni create a fun atmosphere where you mingle, enjoy people and then meet talent? Why not try a scholarship fundraiser that is a social mixer? I'm sure you've heard of it before, but why not have fun and help our organization build scholarship funding for students?

It was named one of the 10 Happiest Cities for Young Professionals by Forbes, one of the Top 50 Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the U. by and one of the Top 50 Cities for Singles Looking for Love by The Wall Street Journal.

If you’re a Phoenix resident looking to rank high in the networking scene, you’re in the right place for that, too.

With crime in Phoenix on the rise and with more people moving to the city every day, are you really sure that you can stay safe based on intuition alone?