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Composting is far more than just free fertilizer for the garden.It’s a vital and necessary sustainability strategy for reducing waste, closing the nutrient cycle, and preventing air pollution that causes climate change.

But without humus, soil becomes dead, inert mineral dust that won’t grow anything but weeds.

Returning as much of our organic waste as we can to the soil will begin to rebalance the nutrient cycle we depend on for our very survival. Pretty much anything that once lived or was made from a living thing can be composted.

We are talking rings and romance here, not medals and glory, but that should not detract from what the figure skating pair hope to achieve here next week.

Consistent top-20 finishers at world championships, Kemp and King believe they could shock some of the more fancied pairs at the Games because of their special relationship on and off the ice.

But Kemp, 25, and King 29, say there are similarities, and that their harmony as a couple gives them an edge over other pairs. Some people have to struggle to connect, but for us it just comes naturally.