Spencer and stephanie pratt dating Sexual visiochat

Spencer's clashes with the other boys also came to the foreground, most notably with Andy Jordan, but also Francis Boulle and briefly even best friend Jamie Laing in the third series.

Spencer also went on to date and cheat on Lucy Watson, Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Frazer-Hutton throughout the fifth to ninth series, cementing a negative 'lothario' reputation within and outside of the show, and returning to his bachelor ways, dating a string of girls.

In an candid chat with Heat magazine, the blonde bombshell revealed that Spencer and Heidi's pregnancy has caused a family rift.

Opening up, Steph admitted that her brother had failed to tell her the exciting news, instead allowing her to find out from the media."It was my birthday and I literally just saw the news on my phone. I feel really left out," the 31-year-old explained.

While the two have been open about their rocky past, the siblings have shared a close bond in recent years.