Spokane christian singles speed dating

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8.42 more people started to arrive – some on their own – most with a friend or two – some in groups. lol) 8.55 – all the ladies are asked to sit on the tables around the room and the guys are told that they will be the ones to swap seats once the 3 minutes – yes 3 minutes of banter between the couples is up!

8.50 made a few friends before anything kicked off – usual banter – why are you here! 9.00 – kick off – lady stands up with a microphone and says “lets x-date!

Well two months ago I could’nt wait any onger and decided to find out for myself just what all the talk was about.

I grabbed my credit card – typed ‘speed dating in UK’ into the mighty Google and waited nervously to see what appeared.

Speed Dater holds London speed dating events in stylish and centrally located venues.