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"Preferential Treatment" means any concession or privilege granted under this Agreement by a Contracting Party through the elimination of tariffs on the movement of goods.

"The Committee" means the Joint Committee referred to in Article XI.

"Threat of serious injury" means a situation in which a substantial increase of preferential imports is of a nature so as to cause "Serious injury" to domestic producers, and that such injury, although not yet existing is clearly imminent.

A determination of threat of serious injury shall be based on facts and not on more allegation, conjecture, or remote or hypothetical possibility."Critical circumstances" means the emergence of an exceptional situation where massive preferential imports are causing or threatening to cause "serious injury" difficult to repair and which calls for immediate action.

that progressive reductions and elimination of obstacles to bilateral trade through a bilateral free trade agreement (hereinafter referred to as "The Agreement") would contribute to the expansion of world trade.