Live kinky chat - Starting mysql manager of pid file quit without updating

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But these may not solve the issue, I found a clean install of the latest mysql will address the issue by installing all components from the dmg.

Download the latest mysql and pick the Mac OS X 10.7 (x86, 64-bit), DMG Archive version.

I have tried all possible research in google to no avail. You can even move your /etc/to /etc/mv and try restarting mysql.

Please i would greatly appreciate any help to get this working again. If that succeeds, then any line in ;etc/is the culpritin your you have a option like this : [mysqld] log-error=/var/log/mysql/tail that log file , pick an screen shot or copy the last 15 lines here .

My SQL-server-community-5.0.67-0.rhel3 PLEASE REMEMBER TO SET A PASSWORD FOR THE My SQL root USER !