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It was at a reception at a castle that had a beautiful park and a regal view of the Welsh landscape.

I had no companion to the reception, knew nobody there, and was circling with a glass of champagne trying to make it look as if I was waiting for someone who had just briefly stepped out of the picture. She looked at me as if I was mirroring something, and I was: We were both two middle-aged women at a reception without men (not counting the husband in the shrubbery) and it called for some narrative.

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While working out of the Catholic Theological Tradition, our Faculty members are ecumenically open and contextually sensitive.

Many of our guest lecturers represent other Christian confessions.

If a woman has kids, she will always be a mother, but a woman who has chosen not to procreate and who now no longer is young and sexy is perceived by many as a pointless being.

The Bachelor of Theology degree at St Augustine College is designed to lay a solid foundation for students seeking sound academic, pastoral and/or personal engagement in Theology.

April 6, 2017 — A new report provides a refreshed framework for reducing chronic street homelessness in Sarasota County, especially in the city of Sarasota.