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I'm behind a proxy that sometimes asks for a password. I've got Eclipse's proxy set, and am able to use the software updates.

Is there something else to install (all I installed was Subclipse, as indicated here: but get stuck at the place where we create a new repository location to test the install. --Dale-- PS: Here are some post extracts I used to develop my proxy/Web DAV theory: Date: 2003-09-07 CEST Normally it should not matter if subversion is run behind a proxy or not.

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On Linux, you should install (if you do not find already installed) an executable named To consume repository files through Eclipse (instead of going to Windows File Explorer), you must set up the Subclipse plug-in software.

This tutorial was done on Eclipse Galileo, but I've also done it on Helios whence some of the Linux illustrations.

You probably want to set up Tortoise SVN first before continuing.

For that, please see Using Tortoise SVN and Subversion before coming back here.

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