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Juba — "Women and girls may resort to exchanging sex for food, shelter, or money to meet their daily living needs for themselves and their families in order to survive another day" Sixteen-year-old Stacey narrowly escaped what could have been a life of poverty and prostitution on the streets of South Sudan's capital Juba when she was taken into a shelter and offered safety and schooling.

South Sudan's civil war, which erupted in late 2013, has uprooted a quarter of the population, shattered families and left thousands of orphans, abandoned children and runaways to fend for themselves in the city.

Inside the tiny oasis, clothes hang to dry and energetic children play on swings, while older residents ready the younger ones for dinner.

The children attend school in Juba and return to the shelter to sleep, eat and socialise.

“In South Sudan, the reality is you’re either a loyalist (to the government) or you’re not. forces sent into South Sudan to protect civilians were blocked by warring parties from certain areas.