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It is very important, in Amsterdam, to be cool, so, always remain relaxed and never be pushy - the key is to remain friendly but understated.

If you seem to be good company, people will often suggest you join them in the next place, usually a music bar that stays open a few hours later than the regular bars.

This does not necessarily mean that one of them is sexually interested in you, it is more that people like to move in larger groups as the night progresses.

This means you should not be dismayed if a woman you have been paying a lot of attention to, and even buying a lot of drinks for, suddenly starts canoodling with some asshole who has just turned up - that is just how it goes in Amsterdam.

She is five years shy of the national average age for the menopause.

But at the age of 46, Zoe Ball has revealed she is going through ‘the change’.

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