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On April 30, 2014, it was announced during one of the episodes that the game would be ending soon. Surviving High School is a choice-based visual novel with elements of Choose your Own Adventure and interactive fiction.It follows Centerscore High, a typical high school with very recognizable cliques of students.

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It is baced on Emily Kessler's experience as she enters high school.

What's the secret to surviving your freshman year of high school? She eats, sleeps and trains for competitive swimming.

Parents need to know that this interactive game lets kids take on different roles as students at the fictional Centerscore High School.

Friendship, romance, and scholastic success all depend on the answers given to multiple-choice questions at critical junctures in the story.

Will kids be nerds, jocks, or something in between? " /Kids can learn to assess personal, academic, and social situations, then make decisions to impact those situations.