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But everyone has that brand they swear by, a style they've been buying for years and just can't quit. Pay Attention To The Positioning Of The Knee We may pour most of our denim-seeking effort into the waist and the hem, but it might be worth your time to hone in on the knees.

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After opening his first boutique in Paris in 1992, Christian Louboutin's shoes shot to fame around the world in no time.

His popular designs and keen-eye for timeless shapes have secured Louboutin a favourite spot in the hearts of many.

Finding the right fit boils down to intuition: that gut feeling you get when you're standing in the dressing room, looking at your would-be match in the mirror. Having rips, sanding, or other detailing sit right above the natural knee lengthens the look of your calves by playing with proportion.

So, we tapped the denim experts at Siwy, Industry Standard, and Mother Denim to share their know-how on getting that second-skin fit every time.

Siwy was founded in 2005 in New York and is currently based in Los Angeles.