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Wasn't he "dating" Phil Collins' daughter last week?I love the part about Taylor "chatting up cheerleaders on the sidelines." The photo op of his surrounded by cheerleaders is a gem. " Are his people THAT desperate to sell this kid as straight? She's the one who's having all this stuff leaked about drugs, sluthood, and bullying, and they're desperate to present a "nicd girl" image. "But I've known Taylor [Lautner] since I was really young." Cyrus, who starred in the "Hannah Montana" movie alongside Swift earlier this year, shared that she was once also cast in a flick with Lautner.

Zac was linked to Nick's new rumored flame Lily in 2012 Dating History: Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner*, Justin Bieber*Before it was all Bieber-or-not-Bieber all the time, Selena stopped a few hearts when she dated Nick, then toyed with some Twihard emotions when she and Lautner were briefly together.

Lautner would go on to date Selena's dear pal Taylor Swift and, briefly, his Dating History: Amanda "AJ" Michalka, Taylor Swift*, Camilla Belle*, Brenda Song (rumored), Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene*, Blanda Eggenschwiler*, Gigi Hadid*, Jessica Serfaty*And somehow he found the time to make music, too.

So they're trying to link her to a boy with a clean image. His publicists would rather see him with Faghag Swift. I think the people who say Robert Patinson pings are wishful thinkers, but Taylor pings to high heaven.

He's so obviously gay, and even some of his fan gurls think so.

It seems things are pretty amicable between Taylor Swift and one of her exes — nope, not Calvin Harris!