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We've probably heard about programmed trades by now. Hardly the bearded, disheveled, cookie-eating character Teddy KGB who inhabits a warren of decayed rooms in Brooklyn where high stakes poker games are played in the movie "Rounders.' Which bring us to yesterday's story in the WSJ, "Many Call Centers Know a Surprising Amount About You." The gist of the story is that there is a company called Afiniti International Holdings that has proprietary software installed in numerous call centers that uses what is publicly known about the caller from online sources like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter posts, and maybe as many 97 other databases to help route the call to someone in the center who is judged to be the best match to take that person's call. (Who gets Donald Trump's call was not mentioned.) To me, the funniest part of the story is the description of an Afiniti board member who was a former executive at Verizon, Larry Babbio, who tells us, "it's a little scary to know how much information can be accumulated about you." Larry, you did work for a phone company, right?

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Cette télé-réalité, dont le nom original est Guys is Disguise, existe déjà en Israël, produite par société e Armoza Formats & Artza Productions.

En France, ce sera la société de Cauet, Be Aware, qui en assurera la production, mais nous ne savons pas si c'est également lui qui l'animera.

Nothing different than missiles and missile defense. Did you know that a winner of the World Series of Poker, Craig Ferguson, had completed a Ph. You put it out on the curb, the Cloud, so you have forfeited ownership.

Whole chapters are devoted to blackjack and roulette wheels, and financial transactions, that other form of gambling. Years ago I knew of two customs agents who brought a neighbor's trash into a garage to go through it. The story talks of matching callers to people who might be best to sell something.

Les participants seront des admirateurs secrets et pourront se révéler être des amis, des collègues, ou encore des voisins de la jeune femme.