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When the host said "Shy Guy", I expected a Mario Shy Guy to pop out! where three teams of friends and family watch REAL dates from the comfort of their homes.The show was originally taped in Los Angeles for its first three seasons, and then moved to New York City in 2001, where it would remain for the last two.

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Windows and Mac players should hear this automatically, but Linux players may need to install the 'espeak' command on their system before playing! Made in Ren' Py Windows users: Download folder. Inside, run Yum Yum Dating to play Mac Users: Download folder.

Note: The game ends with an Oscar-winning performance by the self_voicing robot.

Special thanks to Creative Commons resources: Godline for the original idea and script, Konett for 5 sprites, other sprites by: Anne, fuicchi, doot, Melody L and Zylinder.

Use sudo something something and it'll probably play...

The boys are whittled down until there's only 1 remaining - who you can then enjoy spending the rest of your life with!