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Online dating is inarguably an easy way to find a mate, but there’s still no guarantee that it’s more successful than organic dating.

If you look at the numbers studied and generated by various online dating sites, the probability of finding your true love turns out to be just as likely as it is in real life.

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Then why is it that some people are finding it hard to adapt to this new system?

Why do they feel that meeting eligible people online isn’t working for them? Some people prefer it to real world dating, because it gives them more options.

Be aware of the signs that someone is faking their identity online (always makes excuses for not calling, video-chatting, or meeting face to face; has mysterious illnesses or many recent deaths in the family; asks for emergency money or personal information), and don’t give out information that could be used to hurt you (address, school, passwords, SSN, etc.).

Even if the person you are dating online isn’t faking their identity, this doesn’t mean that you should blindly trust them with personal stuff.

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