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From the time she could reach the piano, she taught herself to play: when she was two, she could reproduce pieces of music she had only heard once, The song appears as light filament once I've cracked it.

As long as I've been doing this, which is more than thirty-five years, I've never seen the same light creature in my life.

Some go twistin' every daythough sometimes it's awful hard to tell Out in the country, hear the people singin'Singin' 'bout their progress, knowin' where they're goin'Oh, oh, oh, oh, the people turned away Yes, the people turned away Sing loud for the sunshine, pray hard for the rain And show your love for Lady Nature.

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See the boats go sailin'Can the people hear, What the little fish are sayin'Oh, oh, the people turned away.

Oh, the people turned away Down in the city streets, see all the folk go racin', racin'No time left, to pass the time of day The people turned away.

She never married and for some reason, I imagine this song is dedicated to her. Brad Pitt can't play music that makes you feel 10 different emotions in one song.

I have had a serious crush on the man since I discover Zeeppelin at the tender age of 13.

Inwardly, Tori Amos is often torn with indecision and is much more at odds with herself than others would ever guess based on her flawless disposition.