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PHILIPPINE AUTHORITIES CHARGE US MARINE WITH MURDERProsecutor says the 19-year-old American is accused of killing a transgender in a hotel room.(The story has since been updated to say a "transgender woman.")This is something TIME has done in the past, too.So these people aren’t attracted to trans people because of some physical quality, they aren’t attracted to trans people because they are disgusted by the very idea of transness. Berruit puts “lying” in scare quotes, as if concealing one’s identity from a potential sexual partner isn’t, in fact, lying. And by the left’s own standard, such lying – even about more trivial matters like one’s job – may constitute sexual assault or rape.

” It turns a descriptive adjective into a defining noun and can make the subject sound distant and foreign, like they’re something else first and a person second.

This guidance is part of GLAAD’s media reference guide, under the heading “Terms to Avoid”: “Do not say, ‘Tony is a transgender,’ or ‘The parade included many transgenders.’ Instead say, ‘Tony is a transgender man,’ or ‘The parade included many transgender people.’" These key language nuances haven't been consistently adopted by the media. 15, the Associated Press listed this story in among their "10 Things to Know For Today:"4.

The conversation that followed was subtle and interesting.

In this column, I will discuss the different answers I heard as well as the sorts of reasons people gave (along with other reasons that people could have given) to support their responses.

Posing the Question When I first posed my question, only one colleague (“Colleague 1”) was sitting in the faculty lounge.