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"You very brave, and I commend you for it, sir, whoever comes out to the show." On the other hand, maybe it's showing some otherwise unknown characteristics if you show up with your significant other in tow.

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To tell the truth I've loved Ashelly since we were in the 5th grade I only went out with other girls to get my mind off her but that never worked . Exept when I was with rihanna I actually loved her not as much as Ashelly but I loved her.

I was inturrpted from my thoughts when I heard Ash scream " Haha yes I beat you oh yeah oh yeah ok the boxing champ! I said " Sweet cheeks this is game so your the wii boxing champ." She rolled eyes her eyes , laughed and giggled.

Seriously, does Kris live in such a bubble that she doesn’t know what happens to little girls like Kendall and Kylie when left on their own in these dangerous environments?

Given that Chris was convicted of beating up his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, most mothers would have taken every precautionary measure to keep her daughter(s) away from such a guy.

She's so beautiful I mean her nice light brown eyes blonde hair awesome smile her giggle when I say stupid things that are funny .....