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It is monitored by most of the current CHDK developers.Postings translated to English via web sites like Google translate happen all the time and postings when English is not your native tongue are normal. CHDK-DE Forum is the forum for the German version of CHDK.

updating bios is required to unleash its full power-40

For those users who want additional cooling beyond the VBIOS update, EVGA can offer an optional thermal pads available.

This update is not required and is preinstalled on all cards shipped from EVGA after 11/1/2016.

To check if your card has the Thermal pad kit and BIOS factory installed, please visit com/thermalmod.

Any customer who is not comfortable performing the recommended VBIOS update, may request a warranty cross-shipment* to exchange the product to EVGA for an updated replacement.

This VBIOS will be released in the next few days and users can download it and update their cards directly.