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Please check the validity of the index file by comparing it to more than one CPAN mirror. The author is the creator of nix Craft and a seasoned sysadmin and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting.To do that: % lcpan stats ------------------------------ ---------------------- | key | value | | last_index_time | 2015-01-15TZ | | mirror_mtime | 2015-01-15TZ | | num_authors | 11981 | | num_dists | 30376 | | num_modules | 151927 | | num_releases | 31877 | | num_releases_with_buildpl | 6521 | | num_releases_with_makefilepl | 28948 | | num_releases_with_metajson | 10625 | | num_releases_with_metayml | 10689 | | schema_version | 3 | ------------------------------ ---------------------- ... This returns a module name from the same dist as the script, so one can do something like this (install dist which contains a specified script from CPAN): , only one of those will be indexed.

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Perl has a built in debugger covered quite fully in the O'Reilly books and you can execute perl snippets directly from the command line using perl -e .

BOOKS O'Reilly - Programming Perl 3rd edition; Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Randal L.

--detail ;# show matching namespaces only % lcpan namespaces --or --exact-match Win32 Mac OSX --detail ;# show detail for several namespaces % lcpan namespaces -l1 --detail --sort -num_modules ;# list top-level namespaces sorted by number of packages... List "heavy" distributions (ranked by number of dependencies). This command extracts module (.pm)/.pod/script from release tarballs and render its POD documentation. By default, each source module/script that mentions a script is counted as one mention ( to only count mentions by modules/scripts from the same author as one mention (so a script only gets a maximum of 1 vote per mentioning author).

--detail ;# rels is alias for 'releases' % lcpan rels --or --exact-match Foo-1.23gz Bar-2.34gz --detail ;# show detail for several rels % lcpan rels --author PERLANCAR ;# rels from certain authors only % lcpan deps Text:: ANSITable ;# which modules does Text:: ANSITable depend on? Since the documentation is retrieved from the release tarballs in the mirror, the module/.pod/script needs not be installed. By default, only mentions from other authors are included.

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