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Developed over a five plus year period, the Escort Passport Max was billed as being the quickest, most sensitive, and most false resistant radar detector of all time--employing new technology never seen before in a consumer radar detector.Eye catching terms--such as HD (high definition), radar DNA, advanced digital processing, NASA-based, and military-grade technology--were ascribed to the Passport Max's new capabilities, capabilities yet to be seen in any consumer-grade radar detector.To be entirely candid, despite the overwhelming popularity of the 9500ix over the years, I wasn’t really a fan.

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It has the same issues as its predecessor like a small user base and less-sensitive hardware, and it adds crash-prevention that CNET found annoying.

We think you should stick to a dedicated, high-performance detector and Waze.

In the hills and mountains where I drive moving radar is a constant threat and the X50 has saved me some potential major fines.

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Was satisfied with the performance of the radar detector. I also purchased the direct wire and it looks better than the wire across the dash.

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