Updating iphone 2g to 2 2 may september dating

This unlock is completed by accessing the Apple IMEI database.

This is a database that regulates what phones are locked and unlocked.

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The display on the Apple i Phone 4 is now an IPS LCD unit, that means now the viewing angles are significantly better. However, the resolution has been increased to DVGA (640x960) to increase the sharpness.

The display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass and an oleophobic coating.

Even our team members that I showed the draft of this post to (people I consider i Phone experts), all picked up at least a tip or two that they weren’t already aware of. Tapping the status bar (the bar at the top with the clock) will make scrollable content scroll to the top.

It comes in handy in situations like when you’ve scrolled down a long web page or mail message and you quickly need to get back to the top.

IPHONE FIRMWARE DOWNLOADS DIRECT LINKS FROM APPLE When doing an i Phone i OS restore its a good idea to have the direct link to the Apple for the i Phone firmware downloads.