Sexy chat arab phone - Updating operating system on mac

As is typical for Apple, the next version of the Mac operating system was just announced at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

And wouldn't you know it - it comes with a bunch of new features. As well as a brand new name, which means after many years, "OS X" is no more. As has been customary since it stopped naming the OS after big cats, the latest operating system version has a moniker inspired by California and will be known as mac OS Sierra.

Being stuck on an old version of mac OS is not something you can safely ignore.

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Will OS X El Capitan offer a meaningful improvement over what OS X Mavericks or prior offers?

Feature wise, of course it will, but sometimes new features matter less than whatever kept the user on a prior OS X version to begin with, whether it’s app compatibility, avoiding i Cloud, the font and UI changes, or just operating under the popular mantra of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

For the first time since it launched on i Phone, years ago, Siri is making its way to Mac.

Siri, which debuted on the i Phone 4S, has since been added to i Pad, Apple Watch, and most recently, the Apple TV.

And what about waiting for the first point release?