Updating psp to 3 52

Here's an overview of the plugin's features and what's new in this particular release: Functions: can anyone help me get this sorted? ive got it installed, but i cant work out how to play my iso's via usb on my psp. .i read somewhere that after enabling the plugins your computer installs a driver which connects the two devices, im on a mac and this hasn't happened, is this the issue?

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The Play Station®TV system is sold as Play Station®Vita TV system in some countries and regions.

A significant amount of people running the Rejuvenate hack could make a huge difference in how lively the PS vita scene will become in the months to come.

I have lots of things to announce to follow up on the hack release, unfortunately the timing is not perfect on my end as I just switched jobs and don’t have the time I want to spend on this. Our friend Heleius at hackinformer stated that other, undisclosed hacks, including e PSP hacks, are still working on this firmware, confirming that the Rejuvenate hack was the only target for this update.

Add it to the pile of updates Sony released only for the sake of the scene 😉For those of you who do not have a publisher’s license but have the PSM Dev App installed, we’re still figuring out the timing to release PSM , the tools that will let you run Rejuvenate without a publisher’s license.

It is important at this point that as many people as possible stay on 3.51 or lower.

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