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" Many of us have upgraded and updated Samba without incident.

Others talk about migrating Samba servers when in fact the issue at hand is one of installing a new Samba server to replace an older existing Samba server.

There has also been much talk about migration of Samba-3 from an smbpasswd passdb backend to the use of the tdbsam or ldapsam facilities that are new to Samba-3.

) 3) use some sort of installer like 'apt' or 'dbkg' (how to link apt or dbkg to the binary to start installation) Please note I can't directly updgrade using apt-get install since the source lists points to the older location of the ubunut repository. The bad news is 9.10 is well out of support and you are probably as 'new' as you can get with that release.

There may be a repository but your release reached end of life (and is not necessarily secure, bad for a server) in April last year.

User contributions and documentation of real-world experiences are a most welcome addition to this chapter.

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