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I began having the problem when I updated Firefox from v. Am I just stuck with this albatross, or is there somewhere I can download Firefox 45.0 and go back to that version of Firefox?

Please reply I read somewhere that the recent update from Firefox 45.0 to 45.0.1 was, in part, to fix an issue where some videos do not load in Firefox if third party cookies were blocked.

The Khronos Group announces the immediate release of the Open VX 1.2 specification for cross-platform acceleration of computer vision applications and libraries.

This open, cross-platform, royalty-free standard enables performance-portable, power-optimized computer vision applications such as face, body, and gesture tracking, smart video surveillance, autonomous driver assistance systems, visual inspection, and robotics.

Noesis GUI, our multiplatform game UI middleware reached v2.0. Fur Mark 1.19.0 adds the support of recent NVIDIA GPUs (Ge Force GTX 1080 Ti, TITAN Xp) as well as AMD Radeon RX 500 series (RX 580 and RX 570).