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updating two tables in oracle-64

Well, how about this: join them based on their ordernums to a table that is already collated!

This is where you could use the util.numbers table.

Updating Multiple Tables in a View CREATE SQL VIEW emp_cust_view AS ; SELECT employee.emp_id, ;, customer.cust_id, ; customer.emp_id,, ; ; FROM employee, customer ; WHERE employee.emp_id = customer.emp_id DBSETPROP('emp_cust_view.emp_id', 'Field', ; 'Update Name', 'employee.emp_id') DBSETPROP('', 'Field', ; 'Update Name', '') DBSETPROP('emp_cust_view.cust_id', 'Field', ; 'Update Name', 'customer.cust_id') DBSETPROP('emp_cust_view.emp_id1', 'Field', ; 'Update Name', 'customer.emp_id') DBSETPROP('', 'Field', ; 'Update Name', '') DBSETPROP('', 'Field', ; 'Update Name', '') The data dictionary features for views are similar in function to their counterparts for database tables.

However, you use the language rather than the Table Designer to create captions, comments, default values and rules for views.

There are actually a couple of ways to update based on data joined from multiple tables. So, the result of the join would not guarantee zero or one entries for each row I want to update. Instead of setting the bonus to a constant value, I am going to set it to a value from a bonus rates table.