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What the Cent OS document is referring to is a repository that one may host their own rpms for multiple machines in their network. Do observe the following: - baseurl=file:///share/Cent OS/$releasever/local/$basearch So, with NFS they are allowing users on the local net to download IF they need it (file:// ...). Hi, I have a question: I have one machine that has access to one sw repository from certain url and 6 that don't have access to this url, All these 7 machines are in the same network and I need to share the sw repository from the first machine with the others 7 to do that?

There's no need to use rsync if you're not downloading anything - the repo they discuss aren't for updates but for a site's own packages. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this how 2 but as stated above it really sucks to try and follow it. I guess this is more of a How 2 figure out whats missing from the How 2.

The yum repository list, which is managed by RHUI, is configured in your RHEL instance during provisioning.

You don't need to do any additional configuration - run In September 2016 we deployed an updated Azure RHUI and in January 2017 we started phased shutdown of the older Azure RHUI.

Follow the instructions under Installing the Latest CDH 5 Release, starting at Step 2 (you have already done Step 1).