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Skin cells, for example, can be viably harvested for up to 24 hours after death [source: Mims].

But some things that are still alive lead to the putrefaction, or decomposition, of the body -- we're talking about little organisms that live in the intestines.

Norrington studied at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Dragon School, Oxford, Westminster School, Clare College, Cambridge and the Royal College of Music under Adrian Boult among others.

Norrington played the violin, and worked as a tenor through the 1960s, and in 1962 founded the Schütz Choir (later the Schütz Choir of London).

Before that, it hadn't sailed under its own power since 1881. We think she's very special to the United States," he said. Issac Hull when it engaged the Guerriere off Nova Scotia on Aug. The young war was not going well for America, which had surrendered Detroit to the British with basically no resistance a week earlier.

The Constitution is periodically tugged into the harbor for historical display. But the Guerriere proved no match for the Constitution, which was heavier and longer.

The short trip marks the day two centuries ago when the Constitution bested the British frigate HMS Guerriere in a fierce battle during the War of 1812.