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Data Sheet Validation® 140 Matte Coated is a competitively priced, 140 gram premium matte coated media.

No matter your application, Validation® Inkjet Media provides maximum color gamut, stunning image quality and bullet-proof consistency at highly competitive prices.

Photo Media Display Graphic and Large Format Media Proofing Media Our inkjet media is considered best-in-class, providing clients with uncompromising quality, fair pricing and access to skilled technical support. Batch to batch, roll to roll, Validation® media is proving itself every day at the largest printers, agencies, publishers and pre-media houses in the industry.

It is important that you validate both primary and backup storage regularly.

While any particular file is not in great danger, over the life of an archive there's a good possibility that some silent corruption will introduce itself into your collection.

Catalog software has the ability to check on the completeness of an archive, although some programs make it easier than others.