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A technician is required to install an aerial and setup your Rural Broadband service. A technician is required to install an aerial and setup your 4G Rural Broadband service.

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Dating Direct.com, the UK’s largest dating service, has announced a new partnership with Vodafone to bring a mobile dating service to the Vodafone Mobile Internet service.

This will give Vodafone users complete access to the Dating Direct website, and its 3.5m active members, straight from their mobile phone.

A standard message received when trying to access the website states: “You are not able to access this service because Vodafone Content control is in place.

If you’re 18 years or over, you can easily remove Vodafone Content control by going to the ‘About Content control’ link below for further information and details about how to remove it.” The network requires people to prove their identity with a credit card and another form of ID in order to de-activate the filters.

The discount will cease to apply if you no longer have a Rural Broadband connection. Rural Broadband and Calling supports a single phone line.