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Below left is the front of the receiver of a .303 P'14 rifle; to its right is the .22RF modified receiver.

It can be seen that over half-an-inch of the bolt-head shrouding section has been cut away - almost up to the gas vent.

The full- bore P'14 was a most accurate service rifle, which led to its use as a sniper rifle in the First World War ( in scoped Pattern 14 Mk.

I* (T) form), again early in the Second World War (as the scoped No.3 Mk I* (T) ) and also as a popular target rifle from about 1935 when they were first released for civilian use. This situation held good for many years, until specialist commercial TARGET RIFLES were designed and offered to the civilian market.

The Pattern '14 No.3 Rifle, the SMLE No.1 Rifle and No.2 Rifle, the No.4 Rifle and the FN-SLR Rifle and the EM2 Bulldog precursor to the current SA-80 Rifle, and Service Rifle Target shooting at BISLEY CAMP RANGES Post WWII Below can be seen the bolt-head face, more deeply recessed near its outer diameter than originally for the rimmed .303 cartridge-case head (this was already modifiied from the 30.06 U. Pattern '17 rifle which used a rimless case), and further recessed for the .22 rimfire rimmed case.

The off-centre firing pin hole can also clearly be seen; this comes to a position at the bottom of the bolt-head when the bolt handle is rotated and the breech closed.

Nazi police eagle/L proofed on top of the barrel and receiver, and on the bottom of the stock wrist..

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