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Kobo has released a new software update for current and past Kobo ereaders, all the way back to the original Kobo Touch. Automatic updates have already started rolling out, but that can take several weeks to get depending on where you live.

I haven’t gotten the update yet but you can install it manually if you want it now.

Dear All, Just my thoughts, I've been using all Pi's for a while. So probably not on brand new hardware that's only been around for a few days.

But mostly a Pi B2 as mini setup for my daughter that I've now come to reply upon as I found it ran Citrix better than the laptop my employer supplied for me! Was going through the basic setup and install (made a backup of my card, but putting it straight in the Pi3 it seemed a little buggy unstable), best do a clean install. The good thing is, a reflash of a clean install a swift boot and off I went again.

The download links can be found on the 4.3.8842 update thread at Mobile Read.