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Client is expected to check whether p is a safe 2048-bit prime (meaning that both p and (p-1)/2 are prime, and that 2^2047 0) so the server generates its own random sequence random of the appropriate length.Important: using the server’s random sequence in its raw form may be unsafe.

Use the webcam embedded in the laptop's lid if it has one, though it will be harder to conceal it.

If you must purchase a webcam, choose one with high megapixels, good low-light ability and a wide-angle lens.

Homeowners may have several reasons to secretly record a room, such as having proof for an insurance claim if the home is burglarized.

A hidden webcam also can be used as a simple "nanny cam" to record a babysitter and ensure they're treating your child correctly.

It must be combined with a client sequence, for example, by generating a client random number of the same length (**client_random**) and using .