Well endowed women dating

well endowed women dating-40

I had a serious boyfriend in college (well, as serious as my boyfriends ever get) and people kept asking me about his dick even after we’d been together for over a year.

At first, I thought it was sort of funny and would laugh it off.“I’m bisexual, half the people I date don’t even have dicks. ”That isn’t just some politically correct thing I say (though, it is very PC.) It’s also like..

They’re boring, so we pretend we have to pee, and book-it to the next club. I slept with him last month, and ever since I’ve lost all interest. Match with a few people, and wait for them to message me first, because I’m one of those girls.

3 a.m.: Get a text from the guy I lost my virginity to when I was 18. 8 p.m.: Get a message from one of them, and it doesn’t start with ‘; P’.

While this is all richly complex in emotional baggage, let's flash back to alone-on-the-couch me.