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Take this restaurant for example, who were lucky enough to be blessed with a visit from Harry Edward himself.

And obviously, when Harry Styles asks you for cheese steaks with fried onions, some sides and a couple of drinks, you keep the precious receipt on the wall forever and ever, amen.

Like a good 90s holiday to Blackpool or a tourist trip to Buckingham Palace, meeting Harry deserves its very own souvenir – and it needs to be something better than your average painted fridge magnet.

So, inspired by this restaurant and their Harry receipt décor, here’s 13 more weird and wonderful souvenirs, gifts and tributes that 1D fans have taken from their encounters with Monsieur Styles.

Hell, when he pulled over to the side of the 101 freeway in L. and discreetly threw up, the spot became a fan shrine. A bold single-color cover to match the working title: Pink.

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