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Steamy scene: Absolute proof Levy lives at the gym.

From: Cuba Age: 34Notable telenovelas: Cuidado con el ángel, Pasión, La Tempestad, and Sortilegio Why you need him: His appearance on Dancing With the Stars means he can show you a move or two in and outside the bedroom.

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In 2002 she married her long time boyfriend Miguel Borbolla, and the couple had a son together named José Miguel who was born on the same year. Salinas has a well maintained figure which is admired by men and woman.

From: Mexico Age: 32Notable telenovelas: Clase 406, Lola: Érase una vez, Teresa, and Tierra de Reyes Why you need him: Those abs aren't gonna touch themselves. From: Ecuador Age: 35Notable telenovelas: Marido en Alquiler, Flor Salvaje, and Victorinos Why you need him: He studied graphic design in college, meaning he can easily photoshop himself into your life.

He appeared in other shows like " The web ", " marked time " and "All of it."He had appearances in telenovelas like Cenizas y Diamantes (Ashes and Diamonds), Madres Egoistas (Selfish Mothers) and Maria Mercedes.

Carla Estrada offered him a role in the soap operas Mas Alla del Puente (Beyond the Bridge) with Maria Sorte in 1993-1994.

"Fernando is a very studious person and given as a professional, demanding of himself" says Carla Estrada (People Magazine).