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But, these ladies must have their uses, or else why would they be able to live such a high and pampered lifestyle? The strongest feature of her otherwise bland personality is her strong sense of personal entitlement. Whoever pays for that stuff, it does keep the economy moving! Would the rest of us be charged extra to cover the costs to the hotel? November 2014: Scott heads to rehab, though he leaves the facility early.

September 2014: Scott doesn't come home to Kourtney after she informs him that she's pregnant with their third child.

He confesses that he's "so angry" about losing both of his parents at such a young age.

We always question their eyesight and their motive .

PR.com: Brittny, do you have kind of a sister or best friend thing going on with your mom, or do you feel distinctly like mother and daughter?

Red carpet events, modeling gigs, TV appearances and trips around the globe are all in a day’s work for the self-proclaimed glamour girls.