Who is dima bilan dating2016

“Kristina needs the rest of her life Dima Bilan next to her, making a big and beautiful family,” she wrote.

“I hope you smile when you read it as I want.” In case there is any ambiguity, she also includes a photo of the Eurovision winner and tags him. Two days earlier, on March 18, Dima revealed to that “there is one girl who has long worried about my heart, with whom I would like to start a family.” Kristina shared a link to that article later that day. Apparently their relationship is out in the open—and their friends are more than happy to give them some advice on making it work. Kristina responds, “It is the only thing that I want to do in this life, grow old with him.” Y’all, what is going on? How long have they been together and how did they meet?

“To love someone means consenting to grow old with him!

The music performances of Dima Bilan have become a real feather in the cap at these awards, his undisputed hit of the year «» (Inseparable) received a vivid and innovative stage incarnation which will forever remain in the hearts of the audience.

In December, Dima took part in the filming of the New Year clip «» (The Nutcracker) in his friend Evgeniy Plushenko’s ice show of the same name.

Koulunsa hän kävi siskojensa kanssa Kabardi-Balkariassa, jonne perhe muutti hänen ollessaan kuusivuotias.

Hän osallistui koulun aamunavauksiin lukemalla runoja ja laulamalla.

In the digital stores the premiere of Dima Bilan's dance track «» (Hold) took place.