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Night Shamaylan's "Unbreakable." For Walker, accepting a role on screen, stage or television all boils down to good writing. Nine times out of ten, I will choose a really good script whether it’s television, screen or stage.

That is what I love about this show, ‘Chicago Fire,’ the writing and the camaraderie amongst men and women.” A series created by Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf (“Law & Order”), it centers on the inner workings of Chicago Firehouse 51, an Illinois based firehouse that responds to emergencies ranging from false alarms to major disasters.

"What's great about Boden and Donna is they are a middle-aged couple. "The fire chief's job is to judge the fire; how much of the building is being burned before he can pull you out and therefore sacrificing whoever else is left in there, but to save who could possibly come out, and that's a big call for a chief," Walker says.

"What you will see is that little moment just before he makes the decision and he's called for Severide to come out, and there's no answer." And he's not the only one the Chief will have to worry about.

From 1988-1989, he played PC Malcolm Haines on "The Bill", an ITV police drama.