Who is floyd mayweather dating

“I have spoken to her since she landed, and she says she is having a whale of a time.

This retired boxer seems to have a lot of drama and controversy going on and it’s mostly female related, so today we decided to dedicate a whole article to the women in his life.

The two were together from 1998- 2012 and she even features in Josie’s tell it all book.

See also: Big Sean’s Girlfriend, Ex Girlfriend And House Mayweather has never been married, we just wanted to put that out there, although the retired boxer has been engaged to a couple of women, he has never made it down the aisle with any of them. She was his high school sweetheart and the couple was together from 1993- 2007.

Theirs was a somewhat rocky relationship and clearly an on and off affair. wait for it, three kids, two boys (Koraun and Zion) and one of the girls — Jirah.

Yes, we are going to get the gist on Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend, daughter (his kids too because we can’t just talk about his daughters) and his mother.

So sit tight, it’s about to go down Mayweather drama style.

The photo, which she posted with the words “Jet life” has got 1,855 likes.

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