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Musgrave talked to After Ellen recently to defend her alter ego, dish about an as-yet-to-be-posted and make some wildly unsubstantiated claims about how girls kiss. Click here to skip them and go directly to the next page. [In the finale] she creeps into Spencer’s house, finds the college acceptance letter from Worthington on the refrigerator, and doesn’t say anything. So, I feel really lucky to have done the three seasons that we did.

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Being married is more than just two people who love each other; it allows us to do so many other legal things that unmarried people aren’t able to do — like visit our partner’s hospital room, share taxes and insurance, etc.

Everyone should have the right to be able to make these choices. The SHE4ME PSA packs a ton of emotion into four minutes of screen time.

I have been watching this particular web of content and it occurred to me that Mandy Musgrave and Gabrielle Christian made a pretty solid career out of making out with one another. And it gives me angst because time goes by so fast.

I’d love to make a career out of making out with a pretty girl.

BY NATASIA LANGFELDER Gabrielle Christian shot to fame in 2005 when she took the role of sweet, innocent and gay Spencer Carlin in “South of Nowhere.” As Spencer discovered herself and fell in love with her best friend, Ashley, the LGBT community fell in love with her.