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After my friend and fellow blogger Lisa Carpenter of Grandma's Briefs reviewed this event last year, I became excited about seeing Mrs.

Kelly using her mix of rare and familiar film clips, unreleased audio clips from conversations with her husband, while adding her own thoughtful commentary to give us a behind-the-scenes look at her husband. The first time the Kelly's met was in 1985, when Patricia Ward was 26 and her future husband was 73.

"There was Gene Kelly, there was Fred Astaire and I did dance with Baryshnikov and Nureyev for five minutes – or seven minutes actually – at the Met for a charity evening and that was absolutely wild!

I believe it's the only time the two boys were on the stage together at the same time and I was with them. You could see him walk in the streets and it was almost like he was dancing. He was very precise about rhythm – about finishing on time and so on. Everything was easy for him; he never got out of breath, always ready to rehearse again and do it again. When we did the first number [in Daddy Long Legs] called Slew Foot – in the school where we were supposed to be – he was much older than all the school kids and myself With Gene, I learnt to dance Jazz – a very different kind of dancing. He really thought it was hard work and he would let go during the weekend. He and Betsy, his wife, would have an open door and anybody from Europe or New York or Los Angeles could drop in and talk or do a number or get to the piano and sing: it was free for all.

The first is an intimate look at Gene Kelly as man and as a creator.