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You may have even spotted her in some TV spots for the movie.

"I’m very fortunate that I’m very slowly but surely getting to a point in my career where I can invite people that I’m a huge fan of to sort of come and do things like that," director Duncan Jones tells Tech Insider.

This is especially interesting in light of James Noone’s pared-back stage design, arguably a budgetary decision.

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‘I don’t have an ego about that – but you just hope that something that you can really dig your teeth into will come along.’ Her latest role in dystopian horror film The Girl With All The Gifts (based on MR Carey’s novel) sees Close play a doctor tasked with saving the human race from ‘hungries’ aka zombies.

And the character represents just the kind of complex, multi-layered roles she likes to go for.

Close says: It was their idea to explore what power does to people. Because I think for a woman it’s always a very, very tricky position to know how to maintain your power, in a world that’s mostly dominated by men.

She was approached for Damages shortly after her guest turn in The Shield, a remarkable performance for which she received an Emmy nomination.

You may eventually get tired of watching The perfect movie about the joys of falling in love…and the regrets of falling too hard for a person.