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The two were snapped at the US Open, where Ivanovic lost in the second round despite high expectations.

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Jankovic's laughter and Murray's cheeky grin were evidence of a clear chemistry between the two, even if their relationship, despite the nudge-nudge, wink-wink tone of some of the media coverage, never went further than a friendship between two kindred spirits. There was a story about me dating some basketball player. "In the first two years I've studied a lot of different subjects and now I have to decide what I want to major in," she said.

When Jankovic was reunited with her long-term boyfriend back in Serbia she had some reassuring to do. "It's not that I'm looking for a job after I've finished my tennis career. Despite being a professional athlete and despite being very successful in my job, I still want to be a complete person. I want to be ready for my life after tennis." Education always came first as a child.

She won the title here in 2010, and was a finalist in 2015. The two last face each other in the Wimbledon quarterfinals in 2015, the same year they met in the second round here in Indian Wells.