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I’m not an expert in employment law, human sexuality or most other fields, so I’ll try to link to experts where possible.

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And then it got worse: a $55-million lawsuit, and reports of eight women (oh wait, make that nine) coming forward and saying he abused them, with stories that seem disturbingly similar.

I don’t have any exclusive reporting on the subject — Toronto media personalities are not my specialty and there are plenty of Toronto journalists covering that — but I’ve been seeing so many misinformed comments on social media that I thought it would be useful to round up what is being said and make a few points to better educate those who are talking about this.

**WARNING: This story contains disturbing content throughout**TORONTO – What started with a vague and puzzling dismissal from the CBC in October 2014 led to multiple sex assault charges against former host Jian Ghomeshi in November 2014, shortly after Toronto Police launched an investigation and called on victims—of any assault—to come forward.

Almost a year and a half later, Ghomeshi was found not guilty of four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. 26, 2014 – CBC issues a statement saying they were severing ties with Ghomeshi because of “information” that “precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian.”“The CBC is saddened to announce its relationship with Jian Ghomeshi has come to an end,” read a statement on the broadcaster’s website.

Ghomeshi responded to the firing with a $50 million lawsuit against the CBC and a lengthy Facebook post about his proclivities for BDSM and the claim that the firing was based on a “moral judgment” about his personal sexual preferences. Here’s the story from one woman, a twentysomething fan of Ghomeshi’s who met him at a book-signing event: She alleges that in the stairwell, Ghomeshi slammed her against a cement wall and she dropped her belongings.